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What makes us different?

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picture books for young and old.


Stories from MDLM BOOKS are a pleasure to read as well as to listen to. We are not afraid of big words. We believe the words in our stories should be as beautiful as the illustrations, because words also have the power to entertain, to soothe and to delight. We believe in encouraging young children to fall in love with their ears and not just their eyes. And we believe that parents too, should enjoy the stories that they are reading.

we are subtle feminists.

Our stories are about girls. Girls to inspire other girls. Girls to remind boys what girls are capable of. Girls to reset the standards for girls in books; from pathetic princesses to proud princesses; from "tom-boy" girls who adventure to simply girls who adventure; from kind and gentle to strong and brave (but still perfectly fun and nice!). It's mostly small changes; but those small changes drive big differences in the messages we are giving our children.

brave and strong without the darkness.

Real-life stories are important and inspiring. But they are often filled with hardship, struggle and darkness; no matter how lightly the story is told. But stories do not have to be rooted in reality to make characters believable! At the heart of MDLM BOOKS are relatable characters who show their bravery and strength through trying big new things, through persevering when things don't go to plan, and by encouraging each other to succeed. 

we are all equal. together we lead.

At MDLM BOOKS we believe that stories shouldn't focus on one individual lead character. Stories should be lead by pairs or groups of equals. Because in almost every situation in life; together we are better. We also believe that more children should see themselves leading stories. And all children should see each other as equals. More white children should see themselves alongside black children. More black children should see themselves alongside white children. Ditto for every shade of colour in between. Because all children should see from a young age that we are all equal in our ability to lead and in our ability to succeed. 

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