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more about the Hot air balloon adventure stories

Our first series of picture books follow cousins Alice, Hannah and Rosie on their adventures around the world in a patched up hot air balloon. The girls show what fun life can be when we encourage each other to be brave, to be open to new experiences, and to persevere when things don’t go to plan.

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Book One: The Start of Something Big 

When Alice, Hannah and Rosie are together, they are always on the lookout for grand adventures. So when they find a battered old hot air balloon in the shed, their imaginations run wild! It’s not long before they are courageous hot air balloon pilots, embarking on a hair-raising journey to Grandma’s. AVAILABLE TO BUY DIRECT OR ON AMAZON. Click here to take a peek inside this book. For the German version click here

Book Two: The Perfect Rainy Day ​

What better way to spend a rainy day than flying to Africa in a hot air balloon? Hoping to make friends with a giraffe, the girls set off for Tanzania. Getting there isn’t a problem. Getting back, however, is not so easy. AVAILABLE TO BUY DIRECT OR ON AMAZON. Click here to take a peek inside the book. For the German version click here.

Book Three: Footprints in the Snow

It's spring and the girls are missing the snow. Luckily when one has a hot air balloon, finding snow in spring is no problem! On a trip to try out a present from Grandma, the girls' backpack goes missing. In it's place? Some GIANT footprints...AVAILABLE TO BUY DIRECT OR ON AMAZON. Click here to take a peek inside the book.

Book Four: The Lost Stories

The cousins are rooting through some of boxes of Grandma's looking for inspiration for an adventure. They stumble upon an old notebooks full of notes and maps and realise they have found exactly what they are looking for! Before long they are on their way to Switzerland with Grandma, intending to scale the treacherous north face of the Eiger mountain. Will they find the hidden Lost Stories? Are they really real? AVAILABLE TO BUY DIRECT OR ON AMAZON. Click here to take a peek inside the book. 

praise for The hot air balloon adventure series:

"I think these are just wonderful. I love the spirit of adventure, combined with everyday details and I'm sure children from the equator to the poles (and everywhere in-between) will be carried away by the tales." - James Mayhew

"Annahita’s books inspire young girls to dream big and be brave and most importantly to have fun along the way!" - Jade Hameister

Customer reviews

"Recommended by a friend, what a find! This book has a bit of everything. Storyline, pictures and triggers the imagination. My three girls love it (4 years)." 

"There are so many things I love about this book: strong female characters, a touch of science, beautiful illustrations, intelligent "big" words, lessons of resilience, humor, and the list goes on..."

"A beautifully illustrated book. I read this with my 5 year old daughter. We talked about some of the words she understood in context but hadn’t heard before and I felt this was a great book to help expand her vocabulary - something you don’t often find in a children’s book!"

"Absolutely enjoyed this book, probably as much as daughter, who is almost 6! My 2.5 year old boy loved the hot air balloon elements too! Look forward to the next story!"

"My children and I adore the books in the hot air balloon series. Beautiful messages tucked inside exciting stories, which are gloriously free from the usual gender stereotypes. The illustrations are captivating and there's refreshingly lush vocabulary, perfect for secretly stuffing them with new words without them even realising."


Read more reviews over on Amazon or head straight to our shop to buy!

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