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What makes us different?

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picture books for young and old.


There are many older children who love longer illustrated stories, and many younger children who love big words! MDLM BOOKS is here especially for those children. We are not afraid of big words and we don't constrain our stories by arbitrary maximum word counts. We simply tell a story in the best way we can.

we are subtle feminists.

At MDLM BOOKS we are not fans of gender stereotypes. We believe that every child should feel free to discover their own likes and dislikes free from the constraints of how they are 'supposed to be' or what they are 'supposed to like' because of their gender. In our stories girls take on big adventures and boys express their feelings. And whilst many of our stories feature only female or only male characters, all of our books are intended for all children.  

we are all equal. together we lead.

At MDLM BOOKS we believe that stories shouldn't always focus on one individual lead character. The best stories are led by pairs or groups of equals. Because in almost every situation in life; together we are better. We also believe that more children should see themselves leading stories. And all children should see each other as equals. More white children should see themselves alongside black children. More black children should see themselves alongside white children, and so on. Because all children should see from a young age that we are all equal in our ability to lead and in our ability to succeed. 

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