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Live Author Reading - Friday 3rd April

Did you hear me read The Start of Something Big live on YouTube on Friday? If you missed it, don't worry, you can still see it here. Get ready to do some jumping around after the story!

This Friday I will be reading The Perfect Rainy Day, where the cousins fly to Africa and witness some hilarious (and real!) animal behaviour! Just like last time, I would love to get you all involved in the storytelling. So just this morning, Jennifer made four brilliant animal face masks for you to print, cut out and colour, so that you join in with the appropriate jumping, farting, leaf munching and roaring featured in the story!

You can find the face masks right here. An adult may need to help with cutting the eye holes to prevent an all-out tantrum...though that might just have been my 6 year old! Please do print and colour them ready for the reading on Friday! You can either hold them up to your face with just your hand, stick them to a wooden spoon, or perhaps make a band to slip them over your head? Entirely up to you! We are going for the simplistic hold them in front of the face approach.

If you would like a personal shout-out during the reading, please comment on this article letting me know your child's name, age and where they would fly if they had a hot air balloon of their own. Given that most of us are currently bound to our homes, I think this would be a fun exercise for everybody! Let your imagination go wild...and let's fly there together!

Until Friday, stay healthy and stay safe.

#childrensbooks #travelwithoutleavingthehouse #hotairballoonadventurestories

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