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looking for some fun, free activities?

These days quite a lot of us are spending a significant amount of time in our own homes. And as lovely as it is to spend so much time with the family, it's also natural to dream about flying away to far off lands and remote destinations. To dream of exploring new corners of the world and all the wonders that nature has to offer. And we want to take you there! 

From 27th March to 17th April I will be reading the Hot Air Balloon Adventure stories on YouTube live, every Friday afternoon, setting us off into the weekend with a laugh and a smile. Be sure to check out our new blog pages for details of the next reading, and then download and print the appropriate resources!

Or if you just want to download and print some free hot air balloon adventure resources, feel free! 

For colouring pages, click here

For animal face masks to cut and colour, click here

For teacher's notes and ideas for other hot air balloon related learning activities, click here


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